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HeART 2BOOK SET Regular version 【通常版:2冊組】

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"HeART" Regular version 【通常版:2冊組】 John Frusciante Guitar Sound Analysis & Research Book. English / Japanese Bilingual Text, Total 500Page, Limited to 1,000 First Editions, 2.5kg, Made in Japan. The serial number and the signature of the author will also be given. Ship Worldwide(DHL Worldwide Express) BOOK1(EVIDENCE)ABOUT 300 Page. ・John Frusciante's 30 Guitars,  High resolution Special Large Picture. Great Photographers Picture ・Neilzlozower ・Scarletpage ・Tony Woolliscroft ・Yuki Kuroyanagi ・JF use 50 Effect pedals. ・JF use 10 Amplifier & Cabinet ・JF use Guitar Accessories + As bonus footage, Only purchase customers can enjoy BOOK1 Videos. BOOK2(ENDEAVOURS)ABOUT 200 Page. Analysis of Live Sound version, ・2003 Live at Slane Castle, all songs ・2004 Live in Hyde Park, all songs ・2006 Summaries of BEST LIVEs ・2007 Summaries of BEST LIVEs And more. For studio recording, ・Mother’s Milk ・Blood Suger Sex Majik ・Californication ・By the way ・Stadium Arcadium, And B sides. + As bonus footage, Only purchase customers can enjoy BOOK2 Videos. John Frusciante Freaks Interview ・soucoz ・jfeffects ・raphael2ao ・triungulolab ・brunoportugal ・davesimpson ©️2020 KENTARO KIUCHI All Rights Reserved.

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